Services Offered

  • Ghostwriting – creation of a story at various levels based on information provided by the client
  • Sprucing / Polishing – writing or rewriting of specific requested areas such as dialogue for a specific character or all characters, exposition that requires research, action scenes, etc
  • Developmental Editing – minor rewriting of phrases for better flow and / or correction of sentence structure done in manuscript; correction of typos, spelling, grammar, punctuation errors in manuscript; fact & continuity issues, plot holes & discrepancies highlighted; feedback on pacing & character development
  • Line Editing – review of sentence structure & flow, addressing run-on sentences, fragments, grammar, spelling, punctuation, wordiness & repetition, word choice, awkwardness w/suggestions for corrections in comments; spelling, grammar & punctuation corrections made w/in manuscript
  • Copy Editing – in manuscript correction of spelling, punctuation, typos; addresses clarity & vagueness in comments but not corrected
  • Proofreading – review of final manuscript for typos, spelling, punctuation errors, minor grammar errors that may have been missed; corrections to be made w/in manuscript by writer unless otherwise instructed
  • Beta Reading – reading manuscript and answering specific questions posed by client
  • Blurb – brief, enticing summary without giving away major plot points

General Information

  • All payments must be made via PayPal.
  • Each package comes with a contract that must be signed and will include an NDA.
  • All communication must be in written form either via social media or the email address located at the bottom of the page. This is to protect both client and writer from miscommunication.
  • A 50% deposit invoice will be sent upon signing of contract for all per word packages.
  • Hourly packages will have weekly invoices sent each Saturday evening (EST).
  • Screenshots of progress every 30 minutes for hourly projects available upon request.
  • Delivery dates are determined by availability in schedule, with work days being Monday through Saturday, and holidays being observed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Work is put onto the schedule on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Contact email:
  • Additional details will be provided in the contracts and can be discussed at that time.
  • Orders can be placed through contact via social media, email (see above) or on direct order form –